Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Update on Maizey

Joyce M of Joa's Arc recently got an email updating us on a kitty, Maizey, adopted out at the end of 2011. Here is the wonderful update:

Hi Joyce,

I think of you and Joa's Arc often and wanted to send you an update on our Maizey who we adopted from you in December of 2011. In short, she is fantastic!

The first few months we had her, she really struggled in the litterbox. A fierce case of giardia that gave her loose stool for months and constantly falling in it, lead to frequent bathing — which as I'm sure you can imagine, she hated! (So did we!) She also wasn't really that keen on being held or loved on. We kind of forced our love on her and she would put up with it, kind of huffing her way through it like an embarrassed teenager. (Which was kind of adorable.)

She is an entirely different cat these days. We finally found the right combination of daily probiotics and a custom-made litterbox so that now she maybe gets one or two baths a year! And she has simple blossomed in terms of affection. She's got a great purr and will let you cuddle her right up (for a little while anyway). She loved to be carried looking over my shoulder so she can see the world from a fresh perspective. She is constantly playing with her younger sister, Gina (a mild CH foster who was a very sick kitty and who decided she was home with us). We've been fostering special needs cats since we moved to north Jersey and she is great with all of them. In short, we ADORE HER, can't imagine our lives without her, and love that all of our family and friends now know about CH and the joys of adopting special needs. Here are a few recent pictures of Maizey herself!

When we adopted her, I was working on a play that was set in Zimbabwe, and I was working very closely with our language and cultural consultant. I had been telling her about preparing to bring Maizey home and I asked her if she could help us a choose a strong, positive middle name for her in her language, Shona. She suggested "Zvikomborero" which means "you are a blessing to us." And our Maizey Zvikomborero is a blessing to us every day!

It is also because of you and because of welcoming Maizey into our family that we began fostering. We've fostered and placed 7 CH and/or visually or mobility impaired cats since November of 2012, and done short term fostering or transit of many others.

So THANK YOU for giving our Maizey such a good start in life, and thank you for the wonderful work that Joa's Arc continues to do!


Thank you to Maizey's family for taking her in, loving her and being inspired to help special animals like her. It is emails like this that make our hearts swell and reminds us that every effort we do for special needs animals is so worth it!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What a lovely reminder ...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Save the Dates

Save the dates below to attend & support Joa's Arc...

Wednesday, April 30th:
(another) trail date for Justice for Max - if you're available, feel free to take a seat to show support at 1:30 p.m. at Winslow Township Municipal Court, 125 South Route 73 Braddock, NJ 08037-9422

Sunday, May 4th, 1 - 5p:
"Paws for a Cause" at Residence Inn in Deptford - Joa's Arc will be there to raise awareness for local special needs animals

Saturday, May 31st:
Rock 4 Paws - a fun, outside, music event we'll be a part of this year!

Tuesday, June 3rd:
Elwood's Scholarship Fun-Raiser - Elwood was such a big supporter of our work and rescue animals since he was one himself. Joa's Arc feels privileged to hold this fundraiser in his honor for his memorial scholarship fund.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Pip

Happy 1st birhtday, Pip!

Pip (pictured in his mom's lap) celebrated his birthday at the end of March with his doggy cousin, some pet-safe birthday cake and presents too!

Pip was a puppy, just 6 weeks old, when he was brought to a vet to be put to sleep because of his genetically-defected eyes. Thankfully, Pip found his way to Joa's Arc though... and then Pip really hit the jack pot when he was adopted by a wonderful forever family.

Happy birthday, bud, and here's to many more!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Trial Date Approaching

(Another) trial date is approaching in Max's case. What happened to Max may never truly be known, but the person at fault needs to be brought to justice!

Trial is set for Wednesday, April 30, at 1:30 pm in Winslow, NJ Municipal Court for Max the cat picked up by an animal control officer in Voorhees, NJ.

Max's owner tried to claim Max the next day and the animal control officer (ACO) could not tell Max's owner or the authorities where Max was. Max was 15 years old and had never gotten out before - the one time he did cost him his life.

Please come and support this important case as the ACO needs to be accountable.

Justice for Max!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A check up for Cordi

I don't think it gets much better than this - a pup who wouldn't have seen 2013 without life-saving surgery (which Joa's Arc supporters made happen thanks to your donations) starting 2014 off right with a thumbs up from her cardio specialist, Dr Miller, who she visited tonight with her forever family! Yay, Cordi!!

On the report Dr. Miller wrote "I originally diagnosed Cordi's problem when she was two months old and we are so pleased that she had palliative surgery and is doing well; it was great to see her again and hope for a long, good quality life."

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Welcome, Chelsea

Now that's a freedom face if I ever saw one. This is Chelsea (shelter name Cinnamon) in a car on the way to foster care on what would have been her last day alive if she wasn't rescued.

As you know, even the most dedicated shelters don't always have the time, funds or space for all the animals that come through their doors, especially the special needs one... and Chelsea has a deformed leg. Although the shelter she was at was wonderful enough to get x-rays done on her, the shelter was full and no one was looking to adopt her.

Thankfully, someone stepped up and offered to foster this beautiful girl for Joa's Arc.

Chelsea's leg appears to be an old injury to her front leg that healed on its own and has left her wrist looking a little different than most dogs'. Although, Chelsea's leg looks different, she doesn't act any differently - Chelsea loves to play with other dogs, run around after toys and will give you lots of kisses. After going into foster, her foster family got her to a specialist first thing on Monday. Joa's Arc was fully prepared to start fundraising like loons for what we suspected would be a very expensive surgery (breaking and re-setting were our concerns from the x-rays), however the specialist who saw her today recommended to not perform any surgery on Chelsea and to let Chelsea be! Her body has healed and she felt no pain even when she had her wrist moved all over and tested. Chelsea may be prone to some arthritis when she is older, but that is about it!

This pretty girl is approximately 1 year old, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped! If you are looking for an addition to your family, you definitely need to meet Chelsea!

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