Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

On a windy, somewhat cloudy Saturday, Jen W of Joa’s Arc set out to attend a local Easter Egg Hunt and event to benefit the Princess Buttercup Foundation. She just took a small table with the plan of mostly handing out information to those that stopped by her table and socializing with the other groups attending (like our buddies/Daphne's adopter's group Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue). What an absolutely nice day it ended up being though ... lots of visitors, lots of kind people asking questions and lots of friends stopping by too.

One of those special friends was Elwood! Elwood and his mom, Karen, stopped by after meeting with a new friend at a local vet clinic's Easter Bunny photo-op day. The pair got to see Cordi (oh yes, she visited too - see below) and some of their friends at other local rescues too. They're such great company! Unfortunately, it was pretty chilly out for little Elwood and his time there was limited, but we're fortunate for any time with our retired friend, Elwood.

And our very own Cordi took home a ribbon from the event too - 2nd place! (Note: Don't mind the stuff on her face - it's just a different type of halter to help her walk well on a leash since otherwise she's such a complete loon.)

Cordi and her deaf sister, Bella, arrived with their folks completely prepared in Easter outfits! I think they all had an excellent time educating people on special needs pets, doing the Easter egg hunt, getting pictures with the Easter bunny and hanging out at the Joa’s Arc table.

It was wonderful to see how well Cordi is doing now - so well behaved and sweet. She's such an incredible example of all the good things you help Joa’s Arc accomplish. Cordi would absolutely not still be alive now if it weren't for your care and your help getting her the surgery she needed.

Thank you to all our friends who came out to visit with us yesterday and participating in the fun (but very windy) day! We appreciate all of you.

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