Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cordi's Heart Update

Joyce M called one of the specialist surgeons that Dr. Miller referred Joa’s Arc to last Friday and, as luck would have it, they had an opening on Monday for an appointment. So, off we went to Malvern, PA, and the HOPE facility.

Dr. Cole was wonderful! He did another echo on Cordi's heart and said exactly what Dr. Miller said - Cordi's heart condition was one of the worst he's seen. Two specialist, the same scary statement - ah!!!

Here's the picture Dr. Cole drew us trying to explain what was going on in Cordi's heart and what the surgery would accomplish. See that "25"? That's the average rate a normal/moderate heart should be working. Cordi that day was at 225!

Dr. Cole said Cordi didn't need the surgery immediately, but soon if we wanted to save her life and, as luck would have it again, they happened to have a surgical opening the next day - so we left her in their good hands to be prepped for surgery.

And the results? Cordi survived the surgery, was spayed at the same time and her number has drastically come down already!

Although Cordi needs to be on medication right now, there's the very real possibility that Cordi can live a medication-free, long, "normal" life!!

Joa’s Arc still needs to raise the funds - we literally emptied our account and set up a payment plan for the rest in order for Cordi to have her life-saving surgery!

Please, if you have not done so already, make a donation to Joa’s Arc so we can pay off Cordi's surgery.

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