Sunday, December 29, 2013

Daphne Training part 1

When Azita K from Paw It 4Ward first heard of Daphne's behavior in her adoptive home, Azita was nice enough to offer to take Daphne to training if she came back to Joa’s Arc. Yesterday was their first day in training and Azita wrote:

"I had the pleasure of taking Ms. Daphne to a training session with Above and Beyond Dog Training with Marissa. Daphne was wonderful in the car on our way to the ranch and, once there, she was quite intrigued with the horses.

There were over 8 dogs in our class - Daphne wanted to say "hi" to everyone, but was focused when needed and was a wonderful little lady all around! During class, we worked on the "place" and "sit" commands for a while and she was a great student. We also worked on leash training as well. At some point during the training, one of the dogs (who is not good with the other dogs) walked into our space and Daphne graciously backed away. Marissa noticed it right away, informing me that Daphne was being respectful and did the right thing.

At the end, everyone said how beautiful Daphne was and how they are looking forward to seeing her attend additional classes ... and I am excited to spend more time with this sweetie too.

PS- She slept the whole car ride home."

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Daph's Back

Who remembers sweet, adorable, big-earred Daphne? Of course you do - it's hard to forget this lova-bull little girl, right?!

After a little over a year being adopted, Daphne is back in the care of Joa’s Arc.

Over the last several months, Daphne's forever turned former family was telling us she was developing behavioral issues - anxiety, obsessive behaviors, eating inappropriate things (tennis balls, work gloves, door mattes, etc) and re-directing on the other dogs. Mid-December, Daphne came to her original fosters, Jen W & Matt, for them to babysit while Daphne's adoptive family took care of the medical needs of their other dogs (one sick, one injured).

During Daphne's stay with Jen W and Matt, Daphne proved to have no such behavior problems - no anxiety, no obsessiveness (or obsessive eating) of strange objects and no issue with the other dogs. Jen W & Matt were still cautious introducing her from what her adoptive family had said - they took it slowly, introduced her to their own dogs one at a time (even though they knew she had grown up with them), supervised everyone inside and out, gave everyone breaks if they seemed too excited, but she was truly fine with them (one on one and in a group) right from the get go.

Though we cannot explain why Daphne acted like this in her adoptive home and why she doesn't outside, the decision was made to return Daphne to the care of Joa’s Arc... and Daphne has, thankfully, continued to have none of the issues her family talked about.

While Daphne has been fine in foster care so far, Joa’s Arc is still getting her into training classes to work on her general obedience (thank you, Azita K!). We are also considering physical therapy to benefit her joints due to their long-term stress from her injuries as a puppy and her big body/little legs ratio. We are hoping PT will also be another outlet for any built up energy should she start to show anxiety like she did in her former home. Daphne is also on medication for her joints as well.

Any and all donations are appreciated.

Here is Daphne's wish list, should you choose to send our unexpectedly-returned bat-earred baby a gift too:

PS: Daph really likes gifts...

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