Thursday, April 22, 2010

Examiner.Com Article on Cup ‘O Joe

Help Joa’s Arc to help toy poodle, Cup ‘O Joe

Thank you Megan Drake for this wonderful article about Joa's Arc and our sweet little Cup o' Joe who is such a sweet man, but still a little trooper too. Two days out of surgery and he seems to be doing real well so far.

You can go here to make a tax deductible donation to help us cover the cost of surgery & after care of Joe or use PayPal:

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cup of "Joe" Update

You might already know Cup of "Joe"'s background. A woman’s friend was looking for a little dog and the woman found this adorable little guy. The day her friend came to pick “Joe” up though, he fell, broke his leg and the friend no longer wanted him. The woman didn’t know what to do. She could not afford to keep him since she already had dogs of her own ... and so, Joe found his way to Joa’s Arc.

Help Joe - Donate Please

Though we had originally hoped that Joe would be able to get away with a few splints over the next several weeks, that's sadly not that case. Dr. John at Tri County was nice enough to see Joe again and took x-rays to see how he was doing after being in our rescue and a new splint for 10 days. What he found was this... Ouch!!!!!!! No point in giving him a fresh splint, Dr. John said. What Joe really needs is surgery.

Thanks to Elwood's recent fundraiser for us, we knew just where to head: Winslow Animal Hospital and the super kind Dr. Coudrai! Dr. Coudrai explained the break is just above his "wrist" and with little dogs like this, he needs a surgery that will go in and place a plate in his leg to realign Joe's poor little leg and help relieve some of the pressure to the bone while it heals itself.

The cost of the surgery is roughly $2,000 at a discounted price (because Joe's such a nice little dog, of course). Unlike situations like with Nennee (where we had months to fund raise), poor Joe needs this surgery A.S.A.P. He needs the surgery though, so Joa’s Arc is going to figure out a way to come through for him.

You can help us help Joe by donating! If you can help in anyway, please click here. Joe would really appreciate it.

Help Joe - Donate Please
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

NEW EVENT - Earth Day!

My how time passes! This event is here already!!

Joa’s Arc will be at Washington Township's 2010 Earth Day Celebration this weekend!!

The event is this Saturday, April 17th* from 10 am - 3 pm in Sewell's Washington Lake Park. Live music is being offered by Olde City and there will also be recorded music by Rowad Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. Other fun activities include adoptable shelter animals, exhibits, demonstrations, presentations activities and lots of fun things
to do and see to promote conservation, preservation, environmental education and an overall enjoyment of the outdoors. More than 140 exhibitors and vendors are expected!

Please come out to support this wonderful event and cause in celebration of our great outdoor's and the planet we all share. Make sure to stop by the Joa’s Arc table ... if you're lucky, you'll even get to see Nennee post surgery :)

* - A raindate of Sunday April 18th is scheduled just in case. Tweet This

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nennee's Surgery - Done!

Nennee's surgery is all done! Dr. John was a dreamboat, as always, and performed the surgery for Joa’s Arc. Though Nennee's now strutting around with an e-collar on, she's home with her foster family and could not be happier!

Here are some updates along the way from her foster mom that were posted on Facebook while Nennee was gone Monday to Wednesday earlier this week...

04/12/2010 about 7 pm: Just dropped Nennee off for her big eye surgery and spay. I miss that Lil' Bugger already!!!! It's going to be quiet in my house until Wednesday when she returns home.

04/13/2010 about 11:45 am: Hang in there Nen, you'll be home soon! Hailey and I miss you soooo much! XOXOXOXOXO

04/13/2010 about 2 pm: Just received call from Vet, Nennee came through surgery and did well. She'll be coming home tomorrow with the e-collar (upside down lampshade), this should be amusing.

04/14/2010 about 7 pm: Nennee's home from the vet!!! She's soo happy to be home, but not real thrilled with the e-collar. Up-dated pics coming soon of the before/after surgery pic

Here's hoping our girl recovers remarkably well and, please, give a big hug to Dr. John at Tri-County should you see him anytime soon (or send some business his way!). Joa’s Arc says thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. John!!!! Tweet This

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Introducing Cup of "Joe"

A phone call came in from a woman with a small poodle she just couldn't keep. She had gotten the poodle she was calling "Hershey" for a friend. However, when the friend came to get him, "Hershey" fell down, breaking his little, front right leg ... and his future mom no longer wanted "Hershey". The woman who had gotten him could not keep him due to already having her own pets and not being able to afford to fix his leg. Poor Hershey!

This adorable little boy is safe now in foster care for Joa’s Arc and has a new name for his fresh start: Cup of Joe ... or just Joe for short. He's chocolate (or coffee, hence the name) colored and is a whole whooping 4.6 lb with his giant splint including in that weight! He is very quiet, somewhat shy and sits perfectly still in your lap or the crook of your arm, slowly molding into you. He loves to give kisses and wags his little tail happily while he follows you along outside (where he currently has to hop due to his splint). It's very hard not to like Joe!

Upon getting Joe, he had a bandaged wrapped around his leg. After seeing one of our favorites, Dr. John at Tri County, we were told that Joe has a fractired radius - the bone above our wrist and below our elbow. Right now, we're hoping Joe will be able to recover well with several weeks wearing a really good splint. The possiblity of surgery and having to re-break the bone is always a possiblity though.

Joe has an appointment next week for a new splint to be put on and xrays to be done to see how his leg is recovering. Wish him luck! Tweet This

Friday, April 2, 2010

Valentine Update

Valentine's been adopted!!!!
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