Saturday, October 10, 2009

~ Announcing Joa's Arc ~

Joa's Arc
They're not handicapped, just extra special

A good samaritan approached a known animal-loving woman and explained to her that she knew of a wild kitten, somehow surviving outside without the use of her hind legs. What caused this, we will never know, but this is how Joa the paraplegic kitten came into one animal rescuer’s life and heart.

Though she had no use of her legs and little control of her bladder, Joa was a ball of fire – zipping around, playing hard and generally causing lovable havoc wherever she went. She is the perfect example of the fact that these special animals have no idea they are “handicap” and they are no less deserving of a loving home of their own. Sadly, not long after being adopted into a wonderful home, Joa passed away.

Joa's Arc wishes to help provide the opportunity, to pets like Joa, to know the love she had and provided.

Some facts:

  • - Shelters have a very large number of animals coming into their facilities every day.
  • - A lot of those animals also happen to have “special needs” ranging from broken bones to birth defects.
  • - With so many healthy animals to worry about and very few resources, shelters cannot consider spending money on these special needs animals

Working as an auxiliary group of Save The Animals Foundation, Inc. (*UPDATE: As of June 2012, Joa's Arc is our very own fully functioning incorporated 501c3 non-profit organization!*), Joa's Arc wishes to aid shelters in the Southern New Jersey area with the financial care of special needs animals they would not normally be able to help or adopt out such as animals with severe medical conditions that need extensive specialty care from traumatic fractures, congenital issues, etc. Joa’s Arc realizes this is an area where we will be able to help others and help these extraordinary animals in the process to not only live a more comfortable life, but a more loved life as well as a potentially adopted pet.

Another great thing about Joa’s Arc? All our donations go to special needs animals. When donating to a local shelter with a cruelty case or neglected animal, extra donations can end up being used as general funds for the whole facility. Though these facilities need as many donations as possible, some people have a soft spot for special needs animals and strictly want their donations used for those types of animals needing extra care and love. Joa’s Arc only helps special needs animals, so our donations go to their care only. If we exceeded the donations needed for one special needs animal, any more donations will be used on the next special pet.

Through bake sales, tabling events, local craft fairs and kind donations, Joa’s Arc plans to fundraise to help shelters with the special animals they intake but cannot provide for with their limited resources. Joa’s Arc knows that these animals are no less deserving of love and a good home than any other animal.

Joa’s Arc works together with shelter to help these special pets get their own chance to be adopted.

Need Our Help?? Joa’s Arc is willing to help out whenever and wherever possible knowing that working together we can make a huge difference in the little lives of these special animals. Do you know of a shelter with an extra special animal that needs assistance? Are you a local rescuer with the space, but not the funds to help a special animal in need? Let us know and we will let you know if our assistance is possible.

Keep in mind, our objective is strictly to financially assist shelters with their special needs animals when possible. Joa’s Arc is not a shelter with a facility to take in any homeless animals! Shelters wishing for assistance must work with Joa’s Arc and be willing to supply foster care, food, transportation to medical facilities when possible and all adoption procedures once the animal is ready for a home of their own.

Do you have an idea for a great fundraiser? Are you willing to donate some time to help us spread the word on the work we do? Generously wishing to donate? Contact us!

Joa’s Arc
PO Box 243
Audubon, NJ 08106
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  1. Thank you all for joining us on this new adventure that will be so meaningful to the animals. Joyce

  2. Congratulations on your new and exciting venture. I am certain that you three ladies will help tons of animals who otherwise would not stand a chance at most shelters. I am so glad that you are willing to help Gloucester County Animal Shelter with some of our less fortunate kitties. Here's to Mel, who got a great home with your help and hopefully Nennee will be just as lucky. If Petsavers can assist in any way, please don't hesitate to call on us.

  3. Cindy Pera-MartinoOctober 14, 2009 at 7:32 PM

    I am so thrilled reading about this new venture. My prayers are going for the success
    of Joa's Arc! This warms my heart. I am very excited for you ladies taking on this meaningful venture that you will do so wonderfully. Wishing you the best!

  4. Thank you my friends for all the support! We are soo thrilled but a little bummed out that the Dog Walk was cancelled due to weather!

  5. Dave Walters is a true hero Way to go

  6. You all are amazing! What you do for these animals is above & beyond the norm. Look at Valentine, you take away the physical & emotional pain of these animals!

  7. Joa was a beautiful girl!!! Thank you for seeing how special she truly was!! :) Good luck! Thank you for helping to take care of these amazing animals!!


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