Thursday, November 25, 2010

From all of us

From all of us at Joa’s Arc to all of you,
THANK YOU for your continued support.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Minnen Medical Update

Joa’s Arc's Nennee's look-a-like, Minnen has been spayed, had her awful eye removed which was causing her so much discomfort and the eye socket was closed as well during surgery on Wednesday, November 10th. Minnen's surgery actually cost Joa’s Arc a lot more than we were expecting. In light of this, we are posting this link to donate to try to generate some funds for special cats like Nennee and Minnen.

The goal is set high because, $4,000, because, like I sad, we spent a lot more than we were expecting on Minnen's surgery and she's not the first kitty with eye issues that needs assistance. Teena is still waiting to see an eye doctor. Nennee was Joa’s Arc's first kitten to need corrective eye surgery. Valentine also needed her one eye socket closed after the cruelty that was done to her.

$4,000 seems like a lot, but that's 2 - 8 surgeries. 2 - 8 kittens you could help Joa’s Arc bring comfort to. 2 - 8 kittens we could save. Please consider donating even just a dollar to this special fund or consider donating in any of these ways too. Tweet This

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prayer Of A Stray

Dear God please send me somebody who'll care!
I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair
My body is aching, it's so racked with pain
And dear God I pray as I run in the rain

That someone will love me and give me a home
A warm cozy bed and a big juicy bone
My last owner tied me all day in the yard
Sometimes with no water and God that was hard!

So I chewed my leash God; and I ran away
To rummage in garbage; and live as a stray
But now God I'm tired; and hungry and cold
And I'm Oh so afraid; that I'll never grow old

They've chased me with sticks; hit me with stones
While I run the streets; just looking for bones
I'm not really bad God; please help if you can
For I have become just another; "victim of man!"

I'm wormy dear God; and I'm ridden with fleas
and all that I ever wanted; was an owner to please
If you find one for me God; I'll try to be good
I won't chew their shoes; and I'll do as I should

I'll love them; protect them; and try to obey
When they tell me to sit; to lie down or to stay!
I don't think I'll make it; too long on my own
Cause I'm getting so weak; and I'm Oh so alone

Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry
Cause I'm so afraid God; that I'm gonna die
I've got so much love; and devotion to give
That I should be given; a new chance to live

So dear God please; oh please; answer my prayer
and send me to somebody; who will really care
That is dear God; if You're really there!

John Quealy
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you a fan?

Are you a fan of Joa's Arc? Or special needs animals? Or just adorable animals in general??

Please send your contact information (name, email address, home/business address) to - We're getting together contact information for newsletters/updates and want to make sure you're involved! :)

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