Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alexa Update

Just an early Alexa update –

"she is doing great. She is eating like crazy and will paw at our hands as we put the food on her plate. ... There is still so much kitten in her – she plays with all of the toys we got her (as well as anything else that she finds). She sits on the couch next to me, but still won’t come too close. She did jump up on my husband’s lap the other day, then I guess she realized what she was doing and jumped off real quick. It’s almost as though she wants the attention, but is just not sure yet. She is just great. I wanted to thank you guys for the work that you do ... She is (or will be) as normal as any other cat and her eye is definitely not slowing her down at all. ... Thank you again for everything! Will keep you updated and will send pictures once she stops playing long enough to get some!!

Kelly, thank you for the wonderful update and for adopting our special girl, Alexa. We look forward to hearing how she continues to really come into herself now that she's in a home of her own ... and maybe getting a photo or two if you can catch her :)

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Marie's Casting Video

This was filmed mid July 2011 when Joa’s Arc was hoping Animal Planet would come out to help Marie and her cats. Thankfully they did!

Go, Nancy! Go, Joyce!

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