Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is what we do!

Cordi is a dog that a shelter would have put to sleep not long after arriving at shelter at 3 months of age with a severe heart murmur - so severe than just spaying her would most likely result in her death.

Cordi is a dog born with a heart defect so severe, 2 specialists (one in PA, one from DE) said it was the worst they had seen and surgery ASAP was the only option for her to see more than a month more of life ... but they also said surgery was maybe too expensive to consider for a mixed breed shelter dog that didn't belong to anyone.

This is a photo of Cordi tonight.

Two months after getting the life-saving surgery (balloon-inflation on her heart valve to open it correctly) Joa’s Arc & our supporters got for her, Cordi is a dog who is happy, healthy and friendly with a beagle she is greeting at the vet's office tonight. Although Cordi will require meds the rest of her life, she has a life ahead of her!!

This is what Joa’s Arc does ... because of your support!!!!!!!!

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