Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A check up for Cordi

I don't think it gets much better than this - a pup who wouldn't have seen 2013 without life-saving surgery (which Joa's Arc supporters made happen thanks to your donations) starting 2014 off right with a thumbs up from her cardio specialist, Dr Miller, who she visited tonight with her forever family! Yay, Cordi!!

On the report Dr. Miller wrote "I originally diagnosed Cordi's problem when she was two months old and we are so pleased that she had palliative surgery and is doing well; it was great to see her again and hope for a long, good quality life."

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Welcome, Chelsea

Now that's a freedom face if I ever saw one. This is Chelsea (shelter name Cinnamon) in a car on the way to foster care on what would have been her last day alive if she wasn't rescued.

As you know, even the most dedicated shelters don't always have the time, funds or space for all the animals that come through their doors, especially the special needs one... and Chelsea has a deformed leg. Although the shelter she was at was wonderful enough to get x-rays done on her, the shelter was full and no one was looking to adopt her.

Thankfully, someone stepped up and offered to foster this beautiful girl for Joa's Arc.

Chelsea's leg appears to be an old injury to her front leg that healed on its own and has left her wrist looking a little different than most dogs'. Although, Chelsea's leg looks different, she doesn't act any differently - Chelsea loves to play with other dogs, run around after toys and will give you lots of kisses. After going into foster, her foster family got her to a specialist first thing on Monday. Joa's Arc was fully prepared to start fundraising like loons for what we suspected would be a very expensive surgery (breaking and re-setting were our concerns from the x-rays), however the specialist who saw her today recommended to not perform any surgery on Chelsea and to let Chelsea be! Her body has healed and she felt no pain even when she had her wrist moved all over and tested. Chelsea may be prone to some arthritis when she is older, but that is about it!

This pretty girl is approximately 1 year old, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped! If you are looking for an addition to your family, you definitely need to meet Chelsea!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Congrats to Zan

Congrats, Zan (now "Jude")!! Zan, a CH kitten, was adopted.

Thank you, Darlene & Ed, for taking on a new challenge by offering to foster Zan and literally saving his life, giving him love and helping him find a forever home.

Zan's foster mom, Darlene, posted tonight: "Zan went to his forever home today. Yes, I miss him dearly but with fostering comes acceptance and understanding. He is one of the lucky ones that made it off the streets, into a shelter, foster and now his own home. Fostering offers an animal a chance at life. No, a shelter is no guarantee. I typically will hear someone doubt themselves before trying to foster. Most of the time it is for emotional reasons "I could never let them go". I say why not give yourself a chance? You might learn something(s) about yourself. Thank you Zan."

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Daph Training pt 2

No snow. No frigid temps - so, Daphne could go to training again this week!

From Ms. Azita who has been taking Daph to training: "Today Daphne and I worked on walking next to your handler - she was great and there were dogs all over with no reaction from Daphne, well, except for wanting to go meet them and play :)"

Training is not all Daphne did over the weekend with Azita either. Oh no! Daph also did some mingling after training, ran errands with Azita and stopped by Azita's house to say hello to Azita's husband before heading back to her foster home. The photo above is from their driving around together - obviously, Daph's an easy rider.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome Sweet Samoa

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