Monday, November 30, 2009

More On Gibby

The good samaritan who not only felt awful when Gibby ran into his car, but was caring enough to go back and grab Gibby out of the road when he saw he was still alive (and has continued to love Gibson) wrote to me earlier this week. I had to share it (with permission of course)!


He is just so special. I know all of them are. He and I met in rather extreme circumstances. Has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. He is a tough little guy and just totally cute...

Thank you and of course JoyceM and Joa’s Arc for helping this sweet angel...

Little Gibby has taught me much of faith and courage, and the importance that every life has. Nothing feels better, I swear, when I see him. Knowing how far he has come from the day we met...

Thanks for all you guys are doing to help him. :)"

Also, here's the most recent medical update on Gibson: Gibby is doing well as of right now. The phone consult with a University of Penn cardiologist went well.

Gibson does have pneumonia. Also, his enlarged heart is minimal and only time will tell if he needs to see the cardiologist and have an ultrasound. Gibby is clear for discharge and will be coming home. He will be closely monitor by his foster mom, JoyceM, for any respiratory distress or change in behavior.

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  1. Happy Holidays everyone. Gibson had a great Christmas. He especially loved jumping in and out of the tree everytime he heard the crumple of wrapping paper. He has a new favorite toy, a remote control car about two inches long. Gibby loves to follow it all over, staying a few inches away from it at all times, weaving himself in and out of the obstacles. He is healthy and happy and awaiting his dr's visit on Jan. 2nd to see what his blood work shows. Honestly, he can't be that sick...he is the picture of health. Happy New Year's!


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