Friday, December 18, 2009

Angels In December for a Dog

I received this email from Joa’s Arc founder, Joyce M, and just had to share it here:

Yesterday when driving to work northbound in Camden a few minutes before 11 AM, I was about to exit when a small dog came tumbling right in front of my vehicle. Obviously he had just been hit by a car and needless to say I was horrified.

I quickly stopped and jumped out. The dog was laying on the line between the exit lane and the "slow" lane. Of course, I started jumping around so the other vehicles would not hit the dog. I then grabbed a towel and started running to the dog.

About this time, I noticed an SUV on the shoulder near the cement divider that had stopped and a man was trying to get across the highway. We met at the dog, wrapped him in the towel and the man said, "I have to get it to a vet." He cradled the dog with such concern it touched my heart. I told him to take the exit and get on Rt 130, that there were vets at the Collingswood circle. I thanked him for his kindness as I was trying to get traffic to slow down so he could get back across the highway.

As I got into my vehicle I saw the man jump into the passenger side of the SUV, holding the dog to his chest gently petting the dogs head. The dog was moving at the time. I noticed another man was driving the SUV as they took off in search of help for this poor dog. I sat in my vehicle crying, praying that this poor creature survives and thanking the good Lord that these men actually cared. The dogs only visable injuries were blood in his mouth...

After a few hours and many many phone calls to local vets, the U of P ER, and shelters, I found the dog at Voorhees Veterinary Center. I spoke with Melissa who told me one of the men's sister was a vet tech there and so the dog came there. The men did not hit the dog, they were behind a vehicle that did and that person just kept on going. The dog only suffered minor injuries to his mouth. I inquired about the bill for the dog wanting to make a donation and she told me it was a charity case: there was no fee! She said they notified CCAS since it fell in there jurisdiction and they were required by law to do this. CCAS contacted Animal Control who said someone had report a dog that fit that description as missing that morning. The men were meeting up with the possible owners and if it was not their dog, the dog would come to CCAS for the seven day hold required by law. One of the men said if the dog was not claimed, he wanted to adopt it.

I thanked Melissa for helping the dog then hung up in tears. I get so angry at people because of how they treat their animals and sometimes think people are horrible but these two men are angels, they save a poor dog from death. I want to thank them and Voorhees Vet Ctr for helping. To others this may be nothing but to me, it was a miracle right before my eyes.

~ Joyce Moyer
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  1. NOTE: The dog is currently at the shelter, so I'm guessing he was not the missing dog. Let's all hope there's a happy "tail" for this pup soon.

  2. News article done on the story - A Christmas miracle in Camden:

  3. Happiest of Holidays to you!! And thanks for following me.

    Fin & The Mom

  4. The good samaritan has come to see this little guy almost every other day at CCAS. We named the Puggle "Dr. Pepper" and he only perks up when he sees Jason. Dr. Pepper was neutered today and will be going to the Burlington County Animal Alliance where he will have time to adjust in a foster home before permanent placement. Thank you, Joyce and Jason for saving this special dog.


  5. Update from Joyce M on 1/12/10:

    Follow up with dog hit on 676 before Christmas. Dodger aka Dr Pepper went to CCAS and David visited frequently but it did not work out with his dog. SO Megan the author of the article Miracle in Camden is fostering the dog. He is doing well. Once out of the shelter, he was a different pup. That is to be expected. He sleeps in her bed and is getting acquanted with her dogs. He is doing well!!!

  6. LOOK at all these wonderful comments about wonderful deeds done by wonderful caring REAl Members of ManKIND. Thank you, everyone who was involved in this rescue effort!!!

    Don't you wish more people were like these folks?


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