Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gibson's Ready for a Home!!

We’ve got great news! Joa’s Arc took Gibson for a re-check appointment to Dr. John at Tri-County Veterinary Hospital in Pilesgrove (We love Dr. John!). Not only did we find out that Gibson is a whopping 6 pounds now, but Dr. John also pulled some blood from Gibson to see how his status was. Remember, it was not long ago that we were told Gibson had non-regenerative anemia - basically his red blood cells weren't "resupplying" themselves..

Gibson’s blood work looks GREAT now though - totally normal!! The continued weight gain, lack of a temperature and repeated purrfect blood work proves that not only has Gibson defied the odds by surviving running into a car, but now it seems he’s proved us all wrong about his previous diagnosis! He’s still slightly special in the head (likes to turn to the right a lot and possibly thinks he’s a dog ~see photo~), but otherwise a completely normal kitten and now officially ready for adoption!

A great big thank you from Gibson and everyone at Joa’s Arc for all your prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes. Gibbie has proved to be one incredible kitten and whoever ends up adopting him will be very lucky indeed. Tweet This

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  1. Very happy to read the good news about little Gibson! We hope he gets the wonderful forever home he deserves... and big cheers to Joa's Arc for helping him when he needed it most.


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