Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing - the Littles

Two new cats are in the care of Joa's Arc - Tiny & Minnie. As you can see in this photo, they are little cats with little names.

How little? Both of these girls are just about 4 lbs ... full grown, adult cats and they are only 4 lbs! No adult cat should be so little - however, these aren't just any adult cats. They are two of the first cats removed from a local South Philly hoarder whose home was filled with trash, filth, fleas and cats.

When Joa's Arc's founder, Joyce, saw reports of this home and the cats, she was reaching out to PSPCA contacts as quickly as possible to see how she could help. She wrote "Just saw the story of the hoarding situation in South Philly. Don't know what your process is with this but I am willing to take two from you. I felt so terrible, their poor faces were covered with fleas. Sick situation.". Obviously, these cats absolutely need some TLC and special care. That's how she found out and got these two kitties. Meet Tiny & Minnie...



Here are some news articles on the house and cats:
- Dozens of cats found in South Phila. home

- PSPCA Rescues Dozens of Cats From a S. Philly Home

Thank you to Joyce for openning your home to these cats. Thank you, Jim and Karen Diamore of Lipkins Pharmacy, for once again helping out and donating some much needed vitamins & dietary supplements to help the Littles recover! Thank you to the PSPCA staff for going into those awful conditions to save these cats and clearing them so quickly for rescues to help.

Although medically cleared, Minnie & Tiny still have a long road to recovery. They need some weight put on, some trust restored and some love to remind them that not all people are like that. We're just glad they got out and survived!

Donations to continue our work and help animals like, Minnie & Tiny can be sent to:
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  1. I read the articles that you linked and don't understand why the authorities didn't rescue ALL of the sounds like they left quite a few to continue suffering in that house?! I am happy that these two lucky babies are in your hands, but am completely perplexed about the information in the second article....

  2. I believe they left kitties because they could not get to them due to the conditions of the house and the cats hiding. I know they set traps and have been steadily moving them out.

    As I've learned, Minnie and Tiny are two of the fours cats the PSPCA took control of. Sadly, the other two didn't survive - one was already dead and the other passed soon after.

  3. Maine Kitties, All the cats were rescued. They needed to trap several and it took a while but they got all of them. Joyce


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