Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Update

After several weeks of eye meds with no improvement, it was determined that one of the hoarder house cats had entropian (the eye lids turn in and eye lashes constantly irritate the eye ball).

This is a condition that must be corrected with surgery and it is a congenital condition, meaning this poor guy has been suffering his entire life, but among all the other cats in the house, his condition was either never noticed or just neglected. Poor man!

He got surgery to correct this condition and is on eye meds for an severely uclerated eye ball.

His caretaker Deb reports: Definition of a challenge = putting eye drops in a ferals eye!

Hahahaha! We wish you the best of luck, Deb! If only there was a way we could explain to them that we're trying to help... Tweet This

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