Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spotlight: Jensen

Keeping on the theme of special pets, Joa’s Arc's friend, Debbie R, wrote up something about a "less than adoptable" kitty she currently has. Deb writes:

I have a kitten that was brought into a local animal hospital by a good samaritan. The kitten was underweight and had damage to the nerves in his shoulder (I'm not a medical person), but I think it was the plexis - he drags his front paw backward from the "wrist". His shoulder also drops down somewhat. Because of this, we thought the kitten was going to need the leg amputated.

Now in my care, this kitten is being seen by an orthopedic vet. Oh, and he has a name now too - Jensen.

At the most recent ortho visit 3 weeks ago, it was decided to work on stretching the leg muscle in Jensen's damaged leg because it seems Jensen is able to lift his leg from the shoulder somewhat now. So, we are now hoping to not amputate and have a brace made for the "wrist" so that Jensen does not get a wound from dragging.

He will be having a follow up appointment soon with the specialist again to see how he is progressing.

Jensen is absolutely an adorable, sweet little boy and gets along with other cats and dogs. He loves to sit on the end of the couch, watch tv and fall asleep... and his "disability"? It doesn't keep Jensen from running all over the place, torturing those in his path and when you sit down, he runs to jump in your lap. He spends his evening sitting with me and then running over to sit with my husband, then back to me again - he's a true people-cat.

Jensen isn't quite ready for adoption until his orthopedic issue is resolved. After that, he will be neutered, combo tested and of course be up to date on the appropriate vaccinations, worming, flea treatments.

If it weren’t for a truly compassionate vet, several vet techs (including my rescue friend, Chrissy), this little guy would not be here.

A great big thank you to Deb, Chrissy and everyone involved keeping Jensen alive, comfortable and healing.

Interested in possibly adopting Jensen when he's ready for a home? Contact us to get in touch with Deb.

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