Monday, September 23, 2013


Meet Calliope!

Calliope (like the Grey's Anatomy character) was rescued from a local shelter and put into foster care. It's pretty obvious that her eyes are far from normal, but don't tell her that. Calliope might lack sight, but she sees just fine with her heart.

She is currently 4 - 5 months old, spayed, dog & cat friendly and her eyes, though they look uncomfortable, really aren't that much of a bother to her. At the moment, Calliope just requires drops in her eyes every so often to keep them lubricated.

Check out the photos below...

That's Calliope & her foster sibling (the pit bull) and Calliope snuggling up for some love with her foster parent.

Though Calliope is happy in her foster home, she deserves a forever home. Think she could find her way into your heart & home? Email us at for info on adopting Calliope.

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