Saturday, February 8, 2014

Congrats to Zan

Congrats, Zan (now "Jude")!! Zan, a CH kitten, was adopted.

Thank you, Darlene & Ed, for taking on a new challenge by offering to foster Zan and literally saving his life, giving him love and helping him find a forever home.

Zan's foster mom, Darlene, posted tonight: "Zan went to his forever home today. Yes, I miss him dearly but with fostering comes acceptance and understanding. He is one of the lucky ones that made it off the streets, into a shelter, foster and now his own home. Fostering offers an animal a chance at life. No, a shelter is no guarantee. I typically will hear someone doubt themselves before trying to foster. Most of the time it is for emotional reasons "I could never let them go". I say why not give yourself a chance? You might learn something(s) about yourself. Thank you Zan."

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