Friday, September 26, 2014

Penelope the Paraplegic Pit Bull

Welcome, Penelope the paraplegic pit bull...

Penelope came into a local shelter from Camden city after being hit by a car. Sadly no one claimed her...

Although she arrived with hind leg paralysis, she has shown improvement with steroids. X-Rays showed that there was nothing out of place, nothing broken and so there is hope Penelope may regain the use of her legs. She retracts from deep pain, which indicates Penelope does have some feeling in her legs and initially she was unable to move her tail, but just a few days ago she did! Joa's Arc wants to give Penelope a chance at regaining some or all use of her hind legs.

Joa's Arc is hopeful for Penelope and we need your help for the next step - hydrotherapy, PT and acupuncture. She has a long road ahead, but this happy girl is so worth it! I am super excited to make the announcement that Joa's Arc has stepped up to save a paraplegic pit from a local shelter! Hit by a car in Camden and never claimed... Everyone, please welcome PENELOPE

She's already made great steps (no pun intended) in the right direction: pulling away from pain (proving she feels) and no use of her back end at all to wagging her tail the other day!! Joa's Arc is hoping that with more time & treatment that Penelope may regain some of the use of her back legs!

You can read more here and please consider helping us help her -

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