Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saving Sapphire

Some of you might recall this post: This Is What We Do!

On the celebration of Cordi's life (our now adopted girl turns 3 years old today which is pretty awesome for a puppy we were told wouldn't see her first birthday!), Joa's Arc is now asking for assistance in another life saving procedure ... this time for Sapphire.

When Joa's Arc intook Sapphire, we thought she had an inflamed back end from a maggot infestation on a prolapsed rectum - gross, but a somewhat simple fix. Then, we realized Sapphire was getting impacted with stool. With what seemed like more bad days than good, we went for a second opinion, which lead to an appointment with a specialist at NorthStar VETS We know now that Sapphire actually has a very rare congenital condition - Atresia Ani. She is unable to pass stool through her rectum. Instead, there is a very small hole (about the size of a pore_ directly below her rectum that expels her stool only when her colon becomes completely full, which is every 4 to 5 days...

We can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for Sapphire. On her bad days, she is lethargic and listless. NorthStar surgeon Dr. M. Joy Weinstein will perform an anoplasty, a life saving surgery, on August 25th on Sapphire. This surgery will connect her colon to her rectum and create an anal opening. This is an extensive surgery, but it is also her only hope at life and we're hoping you can help us raise the funds for Sapphire.

Please consider donating here: http://www.gofundme.com/savingsapphire

At the very least, please share this photo of Sapphire

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