Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dory's Next Step

As many of your know, our girl Dory sustained some type of injury before she was found that lead to her one hind foot falling off the day before Joa's Arc rescued her. Between this injury, the loss of her foot and her swimmer's condition, Dory's body has been in an odd position to compensate ... causing her spine to become bit twisted (basically, she has developed scoliosis).

Though Dory's been doing AMAZINGLY well with physical therapy, hydrotherapy, laser treatments for the wound where her foot was and time in her cart to get her body use to being upright, her medical team feels the best scenario for her to truly recover will require a prosthetic. Everyone feels Dory would be standing on her own by now if she had four feet to stand on... and that her spine would align properly again with four feet holding her up. So, we are excited to share with you that Miss Dory is going to have a consult tomorrow to see if a prosthetic is possible! We are hopeful (since Dory is still young & developing) that a prosthetic would allow Dory to bear weight as her body should and so help her back re-align its self properly.

Please keep Dory in your thoughts - that we get a good report and are headed in the right direction with this for a more comfortable life ahead! We will of course keep you posted on our super girl!

In the mean time, make sure to check out and like her personal page here:

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