Friday, October 16, 2009

Get Together

Volunteers of all ages...

and species (humans, kitties and dogs)...

came together for Joa’s Arc to work on different ideas for things to sell to raise money for our cause.

For starters, one unusual addition to our meetings and get-together's that I'm sure most don't include would be Nora. Nora the Cane Corso, was very good at supervising to make sure no one got out of line, like she is doing here while Joyce M is cutting material up. Nora is absolutely beautiful and a "special" former shelter dog herself. She was assisted by a local rescue and adopted out to her forever home with a friend to Joa’s Arc, So, it was nice to have her company at the get together ... minus the slobber and sloth-speed movements.

We made lots of fun toys for kitties, dogs and even birds! A foster kitten at Joa’s Arc's volunteer Smithy's house, Oswald (available for adoption through Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers, Inc in Woodbury, NJ), felt the need to test out some of the things we were working on mid-production. What a cute little helper! I believe we can now officially say that our cat scrunchy toys are kitten tested and foster mom approved! If you happen to buy any at the upcoming STAF Paws in the Park event (see sidebar for upcoming event info), let us know if your kitties love them too, please. This was our first attempt and being artsy and trying to make these toys ourselves.

We accomplished a lot that night together - attempting to put together all the cat toys, dog pull toys, assembling pieced for the bird toys ... and "torturing" kittens by dressing them up (the cane corso too found herself draped in fleece at one point). As payback and in the line of all goofiness, we needed to take advantage of Oswald's good-natured personality. This was not the only shot we got of this funny man and volunteer/founder Joyce taking advantage of him. What a cute kitten he is! He's available for adoption and hopefully will go home with his slightly shakey friend Spanky - consider adopting them! :)

We could not be more excited for STAF's event this weekend that we'll be at. Rain or shine - the event is on. So, please hope for no rain and lots of fun times. There's a pavilion in case it does rain and we'll have a little tent set up for our table too. Come out to join us if you're near by, please. Registration is roughly 8 - 9 AM for the dog walk, there will be goodies there for dogs & people and a blessing of the animals later on as well.

OUR 1st PUBLIC EVENT: STAF's Paws in the Park
When: Saturday, 10/17/2009 9am
Where: Fasola Park in Deptford, NJ

PS- Happy National Feral Cat Day :) Tweet This


  1. I've got a giant spot in my heart for spanky and oswald; they are too sweet! When you guys dropped them off on Saturday they kept pawing at me each time I walked past, they wanted to have the cage door open so they could watch the other kitties! I couldn't help but bring them out for the last 15 mins before petsmart closed and the others were put away, they had a blast with some of the toys and climbing on the cat tree :D

    I wish you guys luck on your endeavors with the new rescue :) I have a special needs bun at home and she is the light of my life <3

    -stephanie kircher

  2. Thank You Stephanie for taking such good care of the boys and all the other kitties. These boys are very special to us and although we know they are well cared for and loved at PS, we still worry. Knowing that you and all the others are loving them makes it much easier. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you!!!! I loved those baby boys to death and it broke my heart leaving them at Pet Smart, but know they'll get a home by being there. I cried for 2 days! Even literally cried on Joyce's shoulder in the Pet Smart. They are truly super special babies and need the best home ever!


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