Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing Nennee

Meet Nennee! She's adorable, extra special and the first kitty to be assisted by Joa’s Arc. Nennee came into Gloucester County Animal Shelter at the beginning of this Fall with what was thought to be a horrible, horrible upper respiratory infection. Her eyes were almost always squinting or shut and weeping constantly. Nennee was sent to a special foster home in the hopes that being outside of the shelter and the aid of this experienced foster mom would be the trick to clear up Nennee's troubles.

On more medication and in her own foster home, Nennee's eyes still were not clearing up. However, as luck would have it, Nennee was in a foster home that had seen a kitten suffering like Nennee before. That kitten was thought to have had a severe upper respiratory infection also until a veterinarian informed her foster mom that the kitten actually had deformed eyelids. Though Joa’s Arc is still waiting a bit for a confirmed diagnosis on this, Nennee's foster mom is convinced from her experience that this seems to be the case with Nennee too...

If this is the case, Nennee will be spending the next few months growing, maturing and being a regular, playful kitten in foster care since any necessary surgeries cannot be done until she's bigger. Doctors' appointments will tell us where to go from there and how much help Nennee will need from Joa’s Arc. Should Nennee follow the same medical procedures needed as the last kitten her foster mom knows of, Nennee will require several surgeries to correct her eyelid deformities.

Please don't mind the darker coloring of this photo of Little Miss Nennee here. We were just trying to get a better photo of her eyes, but a lot of flashing from the camera just doesn't go over well with Nennee since her eyes are already such a bother to her. Though the photo is darker, you can see Nennee's unusual looking eyes. She tries real hard to look around like a normal kitten, but Nennee's eyes prevent that because of their deformity. Weepy eyes or not, she's still so darn adorable in every one of her photos.

They don't come much sillier than Nennee either. She wrestles hard (even with bigger kittens), like a shadow, she follows around the people she loves and Nennee is also a big talker - screamer too if she's not getting what she wants. She begs for food and attention. She has beautiful coloring and is still quite young. So far, she's gotten along fine with all the cats and dogs she's come into contact with. Aside from her "special" eyes, Nennee is like any other kitten and would make a wonderful addition to any family. For now, she's with Joa’s Arc.

When she is ready, Nennee will be available for adoption from Gloucester County Animal Shelter. She's not on their website yet, but lots of other furbabies are should you be looking for adopt.

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  1. Nennee is doing great! She sure will need an extra special home that will understand her NEED to be treated as a Princess. She is so beautiful and she knows it! She is ALWAYS purring. If you talk to her, she purrs, if you touch her, she purrs! She is in fact picky about her food. I decided to buy her the expensive stuff (for a rescuer) Fancy Feast, she sure does like the finer things in life. Gave her a can of generic cat food and she refused it - LOL!!! Such an adorable little girl. She is very vocal too!


  2. Let's here it for Joa's Arc! Go Nennee, give em hell darling!
    Auntie Sharon


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