Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing Valentine

~Well, hello there, Valentine~

Please allow Joa’s Arc to introduce you to Valentine! The name only seemed appropriate for the gorgeous girl that came into our care right before Valentine's Day. What's up with the missing eye and weird facial hair ... or lack of (specifically around her eye)? Well, Joa’s Arc became involved when a local shelter called to tell us about the need to recover a cat, our Valentine, who had just had her eye removed ... because someone had shot her through the eye with a dart - possibly a blow dart or some sort of dart gun.

**CAUTION** There are graphic photos below. Although we want everyone to be able to read this and probably shouldn't post such graphic photos, Joa’s Arc also wants to be completely (and, if necessary, graphically) honest with our supporters.

Yes, you read correctly: a dart! Ugh! The dart went directly through her left eye (not piercing her eyelid) and through the back of her neck! This poor kitty showed up on someone's porch in this awful condition. When the home owner saw Valentine on the porch, they called animal control who picked her up and immediately took her to a local veterinarian office. From there, Valentine had surgery where her eye was removed, her wounds cleaned and closed up as best as possible. She will be returning this Friday (2/19) to have her eye socket, which has been draining, sutured shut permanently. She should do fine with just one eye physically, though obviously the things she has endured have traumatized her quite a bit.

A reward is actually being offered by the NJSPCA of $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible jerk... person(s). The fact the dart did not pierce Valentine's eyelid made the vet who performed Valentine's surgery suspect that whoever did this to Valentine had a partner ... someone to hold Valentine's head! Think about it: when something comes at your face, you turn away or blink - something! The fact that Valentine didn't do anything and had her eyes wide open for this injury seems very odd.

Valentine is for adoption through the Gloucester County Animal Shelter in Clayton, NJ. Tweet This


  1. Poor Valentine!
    I am so sorry that life has been so rough, but it will be smooth sailing from now on. You are in the best of hands and will have Joyce as your guardian:)

  2. UPDATE: Dr. Morrisey from Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital ( just called. Valentine's surgery went well ... although it was much more involved then expected. Valentine will spend the weekend there recovering and being monitored (with pain meds).

    Dr. Morrisey is exceptional! She has donated all her time and services to care for poor Valentine! How sweet is that?!!! Thanks so much Dr. Morrisey and Del Val for your exceptional care of Valentine :)

  3. Thank you Dr. Morrisey and Del Val for your invaluable love and support for caring for this poor stray and soon to be find a forever home kitty. I bet she wasn't a stray, esp if someone might have held her head! OMG, that's horrible!

    For someone who's rescued 15-20 cats, some having presented obvious signs of abuse. Valentine will recover with much patience and love in a secure, hopefully as a indoor only cat home.

  4. Thank God for people like you everyday. All my animals are rescues, either found on the streets or adopted from local shelters. People (if that is what you call them) can do this to a defenseless animal, they need to be punished! Keep up the great work!

  5. =^..^= Thank you!


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