Sunday, February 21, 2010

Justice for Valentine

You may recall this post about Valentine - her introduction where Joa’s Arc first told you about Valentine's plight.

Since she's already been introduced, this post is for a another reason: Joa’s Arc is actively seeking justice for poor Valentine! We're joined by the hard workers at Gloucester County Animal Shelter and the NJSPCA who has been kind enough to offer a $500 reward for anyone offering information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this shooting. Check out her introduction as well, though the pictures are graphic, look at them if you can. Does the dart look familiar to you? Know what type it is?? Did you hear anyone bragging about shooting a cat in the eye earlier this month? Any kind of information could be helpful! It's awful what happened to Valentine and she deserves some justice!

Remember, she had two eyes until this awful cruelty happened to her. If this cat now named Valentine looks familiar to you (be it she was your cat at one time, a stray you have fed before, you've seen her in your neighbors window before, etc) please come forward! This is very, very important.

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  1. FYI - Joyce just emailed this out...

    "Fox News is doing a story on Valentine, the cat shot in the eye with a dart from a gun. Joa's Arc was asked to care for her and she has been my foster. After feeling so bad for her, I got very angry and want justice for her. The media has picked up her story and hopefully we can get information leading to the person or persons who did this horrible act. Although the laws are so poor regarding animal abuse, my hope is to catch the person so her/she knows they can't get away with it. KYW3 also is going to put an announcement up and the Gloucester County Times is working on a story for tomorrows paper. Fox News is sending a team at 3pm to interview Dr. Morrisey at DelVal and get some shots of Valentine. She is still there from her lastest surgery on Friday but will be returning to me tomorrow. Dr. Morrisey has been so kind, she has donated her time to help Valentine!"

  2. Take your pick on which news article to read :)

    ~ Fox Philly:
    ~ KYW:
    ~ ABC:


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