Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Cheers For Good People!!

There were two events last weekend that were a big hit for Joa’s Arc!

First, the “Easter Bunny, Elwood & Joa’s Arc” event on 3/20/10 was an undeniable success thanks to so many people (and animals)! Winslow Animal Hospital sent Joa’s Arc a check of the funds raised which came to $505.00!!

Not only was Elwood the “ugly” dog there to raise money for Joa’s Arc, but Nennee was able to make a special appearance (and get her photo taken with the Easter Bunny and her pal Licorice the rat). Nennee was a total angel who thoroughly enjoyed all the attention she was getting … especially the Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, yum! She was even nice enough to share some with Elwood.

Quickly following in that fun-filled success, Sunday was very nice at Bill’s Wonderland of Pets too. A total of $140.00 were raised for Joa’s Arc that day!

Also, we can’t leave out that our wonderful friends and the organization we work as an auxiliary group of, Save The Animals Foundation (STAF), recently had their own fundraiser – their annual bucket auction which is always a great success and fun time. STAF held their 8th Annual Bucket Auction on March 18, 2010. Congratulations on yet another great year and fundraiser, STAF! Tweet This

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