Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cup o' Joe - A TV star!

Yesterday, Cup of Joe and I headed over to Philly to do a taping at CBS. We got to dress up (Joe had on a very cute t-shirt, collar and leash) with clothes provided to us and were surrounded by other great shelters and rescues like Main Line Animal Rescue, West Jersey Volunteers for Animals and, some great examples of their breed, a few pit mixes from the PSPCA. Joe, of course, was entirely himself - calm, collected and stealing hearts left and right.

Though we're not entirely sure yet when the bit will be showing, there's this great "web extra" posted already! Go here to view it. The photo in this blog post is a screen shot that I "borrowed" from the web extra video :) Disregard that phone number, it's the only one they had and I didn't know it would be put on a sign. It's not actually a direct number to Joa’s Arc. As you might know, we do almost everything via this website/blog.

A big thank you to Buzzy's Bow Wow Meow for providing such cute clothes & arranging the whole event, another thumbs up and big hug of appreciation to Elwood & Karen for suggesting Joa’s Arc attend with Cup of Joe, thank you to CBS3 in Philly for allowing us to do this segment (what a great way to involve rescues!) and, of course, Carol Erickson for all she does for the animals.

Like I said in the video, Joa’s Arc is set up to help special needs animals. Donations make this happen! We're still looking for donations for Joe's surgery. Any "extra" donations will be going to help other animals just like him. Our hearts are big, but our pockets aren't. Any help is appreciated!

You can go here to make a tax deductible donation to help us cover the cost of surgery & after care of Joe or use PayPal:

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