Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Many Sides Of Joe

Joe and I head over to the vet tomorrow to get x-rays done to see how his recovery is going. To me, he seems to be recovering just fine! In feeling better and better, I'm starting to see two very different sides of this little man too! We used to laugh at how very different Nennee was at home and out in the public - a sweet little angel out at events or the vets and a screaming, bratty banshee at home. I believe Joe might be like that too!

One side of this guy would love nothing more than to snuggle up with you all day. Pick him up and he'll mold himself into you, fall asleep and he'll do the same thing next to you or on you! This side of Joe is quiet and sweet, only licking his lips every so often when nervous. Oh, and he's like that with everyone, not just me! I can hand him off to whoever and he'll just snuggle up/

The other half of Cup of Joe though is a wild, spunky little man who barks and yips and bounces back and forth, using his splint to his advantage and bopping you if you're not acknowledging him. He scoots all over the yard before dashing at full speed (with one leg in the air) at you if you start to walk away. He's so silly!

We're still trying to raise money for Joe's surgery. Although it was performed, we emptied out our entire bank account - the money we had saved to apply for our 501c3 was used and any "cushion" for an emergency situation is gone now. Please consider donating to help us. Using this money was not a question since Joe needed this surgery, but donations to help would be greatly appreciated. There are several ways to donate to the right in our sidebar info.

Here's hoping for good news tomorrow for this goofy boy and a big thank you to those who have donated!

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