Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Exactly Special Needs... But Cute!

Some of you might remember this post: Angels In December For A Dog. Well, this time it was Joa’s Arc's Joyce that was the lone angel!

This beautiful puppy was getting chased in the street by two people outside of where Joyce works. Joyce scooped him up, got him into foster care with Jen S and named him "Kane." What a doll baby he is! No, he's not exactly "special needs", but he came across the right person to save him all the same and, let's be honest, an animal doesn't need to be anything but their sweet selves for us to love them.

I am glad to say that it took very little time for Kane to find more loving people to prove that not all people are as cruel as the ones chasing him through the streets of Camden. After being saved by Joa’s Arc's Joyce and loved up in foster care with Joa’s Arc's Jen S, Kane quickly found a new home through social networking like emails and Facebook! He's now being spoiled in a home of his own.

Thank you to everyone that cares and helped Kane find his forever home. Tweet This

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