Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Direct quote from an email I sent regarding the hoarding house and some of the photos:

I was nice, but honest when I responded, "That house is offensive ... And we're not going to get help if we just post photos of sweet cats in clean beds." What I'm putting {out there} is just to help the cats. Sugar-coating things by cropping out all the crap or not mentioning that these cats will die if placement isn't found (which is TRUE) is not going to get them anywhere.

I am still very upset. I understand the {family} being upset, but I'm not the one who created that situation. She {the hoarder} did! My tolerance for dealing with them is slipping away more and more when I see the sad eyes of those cats...

This frustration was a constant - of being nice and being walked all over. Not to mention the harassment we got while seeking help. After posting some of the pictures, a lot of help came forward. Mixed in with that though were some people who were not so nice. We got asked questions like, "What a sick, sick person. Why are you being so nice to her?", "Don't you want to punch her in the face?", "This person is a monster! Why are you dealing with her?" We erased these comments or just didn't respond to them. It definitely got to us though...

On that note - the photos I went through from today... Ugh!

We went there looking for kittens after we heard a few had been born. While on the ground, looking under the bed and flashing the camera (to try to catch a photo of the cats I couldn't see), I heard a clicking noise - a lot of clicking noise and it was coming from right by my ear. I turn my head and there were these black bugs on the ground where I just had my head near and by the food dishes. Here's one of the dishes, the one my head was by:

See the little black dots by the food dish? Yea, those were some of the bugs. There were more in the corner and by the other food dish in the room too. Oh, and this was one of the first visits that we went and the cats upstairs actually had some food and water in their dishes before we got there, so a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has been donating food. It's really appreciated and being put to good use.

It was super hot today, but the windows are rarely open or a fan on because of the smell. The neighbors complain, which is understandable. It is incredible! The cats were really suffering though, some of them were even open mouth breathing and we called animal control to tell them to remind {the hoarder} she must keep the fans on no matter what.

We're being nice for the cats, we're sharing what we have to for the cats ... and the help coming forward is so appreciated. We cannot say that enough. It's taking time, but we are helping these cats.

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