Saturday, July 23, 2011

More on The First Family

Meet Lakota and "her" 8 kittens!

Their foster mom, Deb, writes, "Lakota and these eight tiny babies came to me through Joa’s Arc. We don’t believe that all eight are biologically Lakota’s kittens, but they all looked the same and needed to get out of their current situation, so it didn’t really matter.

I think Joyce M originally asked me to take a mom and “4 or 5 babies” but when we met, she said she “thought” there might be 7 babies. When I got them home and began counting as they came out of the carrier, there were EIGHT sweet, little orange or buff and white kittens.

I now know to never trust Joyce M’s math again! {Note: LOL. I'm pretty sure the removal of this family was planned, so Lakota and babies were already in a carrier when Joyce arrived at the hoarder's to pick them up. Not to mention, let's be honest, a big pile of orange/buff and white kittens could be hard to count}

The kittens all had crusty eyes and both they and Lakota smelled terrible ... just like I imagined the house would smell like. After some antibiotics and eye ointment, their URI {upper respiratory infection} began to clear up and soon they were looking and smelling like well-cared for kittens are supposed to!

Deb is such a wonderful, wonderful lady and so it's no wonder the kittens are thriving in her care!

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