Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 Blind Mice

Ok, it is really just one blind mouse and two friends, but still. I just can't seem to refer to just one blind mice mouse.

Earlier this week, I was at Petsmart and noticed a very unique rodent. In with two little black mice was a beige/gray mouse with one closed eye. He never opened his eye while he was running around and spinning on the wheel, so I asked about him and was told he was missing an eye and probably blind in the other.

You can guess my reaction: "Awww!"

I snapped a photo (this is the side of his "good" eye, it's just closed here because he's sleeping) and then I went home to post this photo on Facebook. I asked if anyone wanted a special mouse and there were lots of people that inquired or posted that they wished they could help. I'm sure one of my friends would have been off to get this little mouse if rats and mice lived well together (she already has two rats). There were also a couple other friends who would have gone too, I'm sure. Only one headed off on her lunch break today to bring this little guy home though ... my Aunt Dianne.

My aunt ended up leaving Petsmart today with the little blind mouse, all the accessories for being a mouse mom ... and the two other mice the little blind one was in a cage with apparently. They're now all living in a big, fancy pen together, which of course has a wheel since these three mice love running on - sometimes all at the same time. I think they're all quite lucky and as happy as mice can be.

Definitely special, definitely in a great home ... and so this little mouse, now named Stevie, is getting the spotlight for today during Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week.

Although I don't advocate buying animals, at least this special little mouse (and his two friends) are now in a safe, new home. There are lots of pets, not just dogs or cats, that are extra ordinary and in need of someone to take them in and love them too. Stevie's a perfect example of just that! Tweet This

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