Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello from Mia

This beautiful girl is Mia. Mia is a 2 year old female Pomeranian, maybe Schipperke mix that was saved from a local shelter after being found as a stray.

Mia has a severe flea allergy, so it'd be best to keep her on a reliable flea preventative. She also should be kept on a grain-free diet, which can be purchased at many local pet stores these days. 

Mia had a home of her own for awhile, with another little dog, some larger parrots and a few kitty friends too. However, Mia's former owner could no longer care for her pets anymore when she got sick. She reluctantly turned most of her pets, including Mia, over to Joa's Arc. Being that Mia is a special girl, requiring special care, Mia suffered quite a bit in between coming to Joa's Arc and when her former owner could no longer properly care for her anymore. She has just recently started to have her hair regrow on her legs and rump. You can kind of see the thin, new hair growing back at the base of her tail in this first photo.

Mia & Gabe
Little Mia is full of love, pep and "momma dog" behaviors - this long spayed lady has been known to let kittens nurse off of her (even while she's standing up!). She loves time with other dogs (like her best bud Gabe who is also looking for a forever home), people and her foster home has cats too.

Aside from some preventative measures (keeping fleas away and a grain-free diet), Mia's special needs are minimal. She's a fabulous little girl that would fit well into any home and she'd make a great companion for kids or other dogs (of any size). Please consider adopting this great girl! Tweet This

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