Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Year since the Hoader's

It has been about a year since Joa’s Arc volunteers became involved in the hoarding case that got us in over our heads and on to Animal Planet's TV show Confessions.

Looking back, it is absolutely incredible to think of everything that went on and all the help that came forward enable us collectively to save those kitties. We were able to save so many cats and get them into homes.

I don't think I need to say this, but I will - not all hoarded pets are anywhere near as lucky:
- House Of Dead Animals In Camden ... Dog And Cat Carcasses Were Found In A Home. It Could Be An Example Of "animal Collector Syndrome"
- Woman faces cruelty charges after 20 animals she housed in Oldmans Township horse trailer burn to death
- Hillside woman hoarding cats previously had 122 felines removed from house
- Hoarding - 200 cats found dead. East Orange, NJ

Here are The Top 5 Ways to Help an Animal of a Hoarder and the animals suffering with them.

The teamwork, assistance, kindness and effort put into that house and those cats ... it's just overwhelming to think about. We still hear from people who took cats from that house and to see the cats that were once filthy and/or shy doing so well is amazing. They're in homes with toys, clean water, people loving them, rescues working to socialize them, etc.

During this time of independence, I think it's a good idea if we all celebrate the cats who are now safe and the wonderful people involved in getting them out and ensuring a better life for them!

Thank you, truly, to everyone involved!!

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