Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Popular, Daphne

Saturday, since our day ended up being open, Daphne and I headed over to visit her foster dad's work. It wasn't just any day at Camden County Animal Shelter either. It was the day of their Pet Fest and what a day it was - food, vendors, a DJ, lots of doggies, plastic pools filled with water for the dogs, treats and lots of people wanting to love up Daphne. It was great!

I figured if I had to carry the little princess around that she was going to earn her keep ... Daphne wore this cute little envelope on a ribbon around her neck in the hopes of getting donations towards her care and some wonderful, wonderful people did end up donating what they could to help. Everyone was so sweet and felt so bad for Daphne. Here are photos from the day (some taken from others' Facebook pages):

Saw Daphne Saturday, but didn't get the chance to donate or were you not able to make it out Saturday? You can still donate - snail mail us or head over to PayPal to make a donation to Joa’s Arc.

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