Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Announcement Anniversary!

3 years ago today, we announced the forming of Joa’s Arc and our mission to help special needs animals right here through this blog.

As you may or may not know, Joa’s Arc today is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, receives no government or public funding, and relies entirely on donations from the public to carry out our mission to assist special needs animals.

Joa’s Arc has no paid staff and plenty of animals in our care...

Like Tiffany who started out life in a home with about 200 other cats and very little attention, let alone affection. Because of this, Tiffany is extremely shy and needs a home with someone who will allow her to be herself and come around on her own terms. Sweet, silly Riley came into a local shelter with a leg wound. The wound has healed and now he's all purrs, energy and tail-wags for attention waiting for a home of his own. Oh, and adorable Fox. Who could resist this boy!? We're not sure and yet, he's still in need of an adopter.

Not to mention, Joa’s Arc has also been able to help place several animals directly from shelters into homes, Joa’s Arc has gotten other animals from local shelters into no-kill shelters or rescues when we haven't had the space ourselves and our girl Daphne is being adopted this weekend. She is a little pit puppy who was tossed from a car and had sustained a leg injury. She needed the care of an ortho specialist and Joa’s Arc got that for her.

Do you have some free time?
Can you make some free time?
We need your help!

We could use more fosters, volunteers (especially a Grant Writer) and someone willing to create a website for us.

Fostering is easy - just open your home to a furry friend. You can pick what kind of special need you have experience or interest in helping and some are as simple as socializing or recovering from surgery. You provide the food, water & love ... and let everyone know you have an extra-special animal up for adoption to help try to find that munchkin a home.

Volunteers are needed from everything to help with the animals, get updated photos, sit at events or share information about our group to get the word out there to help Joa’s Arc and the special needs animals in our care.

A grant writer would help us extremely right now by finding us the funds to continue to care for the animals that would usually be put to sleep in shelters before even being considered for adoption.

Although we have a blog, a website would be a huge help as well - somewhere people can find information on the animals we have available for adoption, easy access to a link to donate, how to care for them if they adopt or are interested in fostering, a list of resources of other groups that help special needs animals, etc.

We've been doing great work, we plan to continue to do great work for the special needs animals and your assistance means we can reach our hands out further. There is something that everyone can do! Just ask (or offer) :)

Finally, in case we don't say it enough - thank you!

A tea cup poodle with a broken leg (Cup of Joe) or a pit bull puppy with a fractured elbow (Daphne),
neurological cat (Nero) or a kitten with a birth defect (Nennee),
victim of cruelty (Valentine) or shut down from fear at the shelter (Beanie),

Joa’s Arc is willing to pay to help these beautiful little lives.

We have been able to do so much for so many animals ... and none of it would have been possible without your support. So, truly, thank you so very much for your kind words, donations, adoptions and unending support.

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