Sunday, October 21, 2012

Help Cordi's Heart

She runs, she loves everyone she meets (cats, dogs, people), she jumps, she leaps, she whole-body-wiggles with excitement ... and she has a heart murmur.

This is Cordi and she came into a local shelter where it was determined she had a fairly severe heart murmur - making her not a candidate for adoption at a very busy shelter.

That's about as special needs as it gets!

The vet at the shelter said her heart murmur is a possible grade 3 or 4, but Cordi really needs an echo done to see what exactly is going on inside this poor girl. Enlarged heart? Defect? The congenital defect some pits can have that could be fixed surgically, if that's what it is.

Cordi is sweet, silly, lovable and just wants to run and play ... but her heart condition is limiting that ability right now. She's more tired than your average puppy and when she gets really excited, her chest feels like a cat purring because of how severe her heart murmur is.

Joa’s Arc is currently trying to raise $600 for Cordi to see a cardio specialist and have a full work up done to see how (if) we can help her live a better, more full life ... and hopefully be more adoptable!

We need the funds first though.

Cordi has so much life inside her and so much love to give - please consider donating to help Cordi's heart.

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