Sunday, December 29, 2013

Daphne Training part 1

When Azita K from Paw It 4Ward first heard of Daphne's behavior in her adoptive home, Azita was nice enough to offer to take Daphne to training if she came back to Joa’s Arc. Yesterday was their first day in training and Azita wrote:

"I had the pleasure of taking Ms. Daphne to a training session with Above and Beyond Dog Training with Marissa. Daphne was wonderful in the car on our way to the ranch and, once there, she was quite intrigued with the horses.

There were over 8 dogs in our class - Daphne wanted to say "hi" to everyone, but was focused when needed and was a wonderful little lady all around! During class, we worked on the "place" and "sit" commands for a while and she was a great student. We also worked on leash training as well. At some point during the training, one of the dogs (who is not good with the other dogs) walked into our space and Daphne graciously backed away. Marissa noticed it right away, informing me that Daphne was being respectful and did the right thing.

At the end, everyone said how beautiful Daphne was and how they are looking forward to seeing her attend additional classes ... and I am excited to spend more time with this sweetie too.

PS- She slept the whole car ride home."

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