Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting 2014 off on the right foot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Joa's Arc is starting 2014 off on the right foot... or should we say knee?

Right before Christmas, Joa's Arc received an anonymous donation of $500 - just what we needed for the rest of the fundraising for Riley's knee surgery! This donation could not have come at a better time because it has become increasingly more obvious, even on joint medication, that Riley's knee has been bothering him. His foster, Jen W, needed to lift him up on to a cat tree the other day because he couldn't/wouldn't put the pressure on his bad knee to leap up - poor guy!

Riley's surgery is actually scheduled for tomorrow at Winslow Animal Hospital with our buddy, Dr. Coudrai, and we are so excited that Riley gets to start off the new year a lot more comfortable.

We can't deny Joa's Arc left 2013 quite well too.

December brought us the adoption of not just Fox (who was with us for over a year), but also Denver. Like our Cordi, Denver would have made it long without the help of Joa's Arc: once rescued from a colony of sick, outside cats in Delaware, Denver found himself at a vet who was suggesting he be put to sleep. The bobble-head kitten had cerebral hypoplasia and could not stand, could not walk - but there was a spark in his eyes and Joyce M brought him home with her. In foster care, Denver received physical therapy, acupuncture appointments, exercise, lots of love and time for the right home to find him.

Joyce M saw the life in Denver, even when he was still unable to stand, and gave him a shot at a full life - one in which he can now stand on his own, where he can walk (though maybe not in a straight line) and he's well loved - Denver celebrated 2013 changing to 2014 in a new home.

Animals like Cordi and Denver, two of Joa's Arc 2013 successful medical cases and adoptions, are why we do what we do. Thank you for supporting that. Thank you for your continued support of Joa's Arc. Here's to a life-saving, compassionate 2014!

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