Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Introducing Dory

Have you ever heard of a "swimmer puppy"? Well here's your chance to meet one - say hello to Dory!

Joa's Arc was contacted late last week about a little puppy who just isn't quite right - her one leg was twisted underneath her with an injured foot and her other three legs splayed out, she obviously has a hard time getting around... but don't think this holds her back! Oh no, little miss Dory, who has been diagnosed as a "swimmer" pup isn't letting any disability or deformity hold her back! This spunky little pup drags her body around and thanks to a lot of people working together, Dory went right from the shelter to foster care to physical therapy with a path of recovering!

Dory has a lot of work ahead of her - including physical therapy and wound care for her damaged leg which may require an amputation depending on how the nub heals since her foot fell off. However, we think Dory has it in her to heal, build up muscles and correct her body with time, love and a lot of effort.

A great BIG thank you to Camden County Animal Shelter, Sherry for reaching out to us and the staff at Pet PT for stepping up to get us a quick diagnosis and projected recovery plan! Working together saves lives!

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