Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cup of "Joe" Update

You might already know Cup of "Joe"'s background. A woman’s friend was looking for a little dog and the woman found this adorable little guy. The day her friend came to pick “Joe” up though, he fell, broke his leg and the friend no longer wanted him. The woman didn’t know what to do. She could not afford to keep him since she already had dogs of her own ... and so, Joe found his way to Joa’s Arc.

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Though we had originally hoped that Joe would be able to get away with a few splints over the next several weeks, that's sadly not that case. Dr. John at Tri County was nice enough to see Joe again and took x-rays to see how he was doing after being in our rescue and a new splint for 10 days. What he found was this... Ouch!!!!!!! No point in giving him a fresh splint, Dr. John said. What Joe really needs is surgery.

Thanks to Elwood's recent fundraiser for us, we knew just where to head: Winslow Animal Hospital and the super kind Dr. Coudrai! Dr. Coudrai explained the break is just above his "wrist" and with little dogs like this, he needs a surgery that will go in and place a plate in his leg to realign Joe's poor little leg and help relieve some of the pressure to the bone while it heals itself.

The cost of the surgery is roughly $2,000 at a discounted price (because Joe's such a nice little dog, of course). Unlike situations like with Nennee (where we had months to fund raise), poor Joe needs this surgery A.S.A.P. He needs the surgery though, so Joa’s Arc is going to figure out a way to come through for him.

You can help us help Joe by donating! If you can help in anyway, please click here. Joe would really appreciate it.

Help Joe - Donate Please
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  1. Hi, Jen! Great photo of you both! Keep up the good work! Kim/Schultz Senior Dachshund Sanctuary and Tabby's Place Volunteer

  2. Will he have a home after the surgury?

  3. New update coming soon. Joe's had surgery (which cleared out our bank account) and has found a wonderful new home -

  4. Hi Jen,

    It is wonderful what you do for these animals. Thank you for being so caring. :)


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