Thursday, April 8, 2010

Introducing Cup of "Joe"

A phone call came in from a woman with a small poodle she just couldn't keep. She had gotten the poodle she was calling "Hershey" for a friend. However, when the friend came to get him, "Hershey" fell down, breaking his little, front right leg ... and his future mom no longer wanted "Hershey". The woman who had gotten him could not keep him due to already having her own pets and not being able to afford to fix his leg. Poor Hershey!

This adorable little boy is safe now in foster care for Joa’s Arc and has a new name for his fresh start: Cup of Joe ... or just Joe for short. He's chocolate (or coffee, hence the name) colored and is a whole whooping 4.6 lb with his giant splint including in that weight! He is very quiet, somewhat shy and sits perfectly still in your lap or the crook of your arm, slowly molding into you. He loves to give kisses and wags his little tail happily while he follows you along outside (where he currently has to hop due to his splint). It's very hard not to like Joe!

Upon getting Joe, he had a bandaged wrapped around his leg. After seeing one of our favorites, Dr. John at Tri County, we were told that Joe has a fractired radius - the bone above our wrist and below our elbow. Right now, we're hoping Joe will be able to recover well with several weeks wearing a really good splint. The possiblity of surgery and having to re-break the bone is always a possiblity though.

Joe has an appointment next week for a new splint to be put on and xrays to be done to see how his leg is recovering. Wish him luck! Tweet This


  1. Cup of Joe is adorable!!! Thank God for all of you at Joa's Arc for helping him and the others in need! I will always think of you all as angel's to the pets :)

  2. What a cutie! Thank you Joa's Arc for being guardian angels to yet another furry friend in need :)

  3. We're glad there are places like Joa's Arc to take care of little ones when they need help.


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