Monday, September 20, 2010

Minnen On Monday

It was about a year ago that someone left a can of food and a kitten on a shelf in Petsmart. That kitten quickly stole our hearts with her ridiculous antics and major purrrsonality. We weren't the only ones though - lots of people love Nennee. It is hard to imagine any cat quite like her, let alone coming across one ... and yet that cat has found us!

Meet Minnennee ("mini-nennee") – the similarity is just outstanding, right down to the coloring and eye issues.

This little girl was found on the side of the road by one super caring vet tech who knows about the good work Joa’s Arc does. She contacted Joa’s Arc and asked if we could help - Minnen was tiny, skinny and was obviously suffering from some sort of eye injury. As it turns out, one of her eyes is completely dead and will have to be removed. The other eye is very cloudy and she has very limited vision in it.

Her condition seems to have very little effect on her. She zips around her foster home with Joa’s Arc volunteer Smithy. Minnen also loves playing with other kitties and will beg like a dog for food – any kind of food! Sound familiar?

Like Nennee, Minnen has some maturing to do before we will consider surgery on her eyes. Now that Joa’s Arc has seen this a few times with kittens, it is always best with cats like this to make sure their eyes are given enough time to mature. Minnen will be spayed when her eyes are corrected and then she will be looking for a home that can handle her ... not because of her eyes, but her goofy personality!

It is "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week" this week! What a perfect week for the animals of Joa’s Arc.

Check back each day for a new post about some of the great animals that are in our care or have found wonderful new homes thanks to Joa’s Arc. Keep in mind Joa’s Arc is constantly getting requests about animals in need like these special furbabies on our site. Even a dollar will help! Please donate what you can to the animals of Joa’s Arc:

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