Monday, November 15, 2010

Minnen Medical Update

Joa’s Arc's Nennee's look-a-like, Minnen has been spayed, had her awful eye removed which was causing her so much discomfort and the eye socket was closed as well during surgery on Wednesday, November 10th. Minnen's surgery actually cost Joa’s Arc a lot more than we were expecting. In light of this, we are posting this link to donate to try to generate some funds for special cats like Nennee and Minnen.

The goal is set high because, $4,000, because, like I sad, we spent a lot more than we were expecting on Minnen's surgery and she's not the first kitty with eye issues that needs assistance. Teena is still waiting to see an eye doctor. Nennee was Joa’s Arc's first kitten to need corrective eye surgery. Valentine also needed her one eye socket closed after the cruelty that was done to her.

$4,000 seems like a lot, but that's 2 - 8 surgeries. 2 - 8 kittens you could help Joa’s Arc bring comfort to. 2 - 8 kittens we could save. Please consider donating even just a dollar to this special fund or consider donating in any of these ways too. Tweet This

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  1. Hang in there Minnen! You fight the good fight!!!!


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