Friday, April 29, 2011

Blessings for Sick or Injured Pets

Joyce is out at Best Friends Animal Society right now for her annual vacation.

Last year, while attempting to stay in Dogtown, Joyce was suckered into visiting the clinic where she met and fell in love with Rory, a blind, bob-tailed kitty who had neurological issues. Joyce was so in love with Rory, she brought him home to Jersey with her. However, it wasn't too long after stealing Joyce's heart and arriving in Jersey that Rory's neurological issues became much worse. He was hospitalized and after extensive testing and brainstorming, Rory passed into peace.

In memory of Rory, I wanted to post the below here which I received in an email recently. Blessings, prayers, good luck, positive vibes, etc - we'll take it all for the animals!

"Blessings for Sick or Injured Pets"

Heavenly Father,
We ask for your mercy that
this beloved small creature,
which is your own, be not in pain.
We ask that health be
restored and sustain
if it is your will
so that they be allowed to stay with us
a little longer here in this world,
where they are needed.
We ask that if there is medical care needed,
that the way be provided.
We ask that this one does not suffer needlessly.
We ask for your compassion
and grace that this one be healed
through your love,
through your mercy
and through the help
of those here on earth,
through whom your love comes forth.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, we ask
these things not for ourselves, but for this small life that is so
precious and carries the light of your love.


Thank you Joyce, the endlessly helpful medical staff that was there for Rory and all those that loved him while he was with us.

Rory is a symbol for so many animals... may they be healed and healthy in this life, or the next. Tweet This

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