Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi From Phillip

Hi Mom,

It’s me, your little boy Phillip. I just wanted to check to make you’re doing OK without me there to help you with everything. And my brother, Will, is he happy?

I’m doing great here in Bethlehem. The food’s good, and there’s plenty of it, and after a few days of my grrrrrr-ing and hissing at all the other cats, I realized that they’re real nice. I fit in perfectly and even got yelled at last night for knocking over a stupid vase full of ugly twigs with ridiculous lights! Who needs that crap standing around anyway? I have a new best friend, a big girl named Patricia, but her friends call her Patty. We both sleep in bed with my new mommy.

Thank you for saving my life. I miss you and will keep in touch.

Your orange boy,

Thank you for the wonderful update, Phil!

In case you haven't heard, handsome Phil has been adopted ... and to a wonderful family! Please keep in mind that you can check us out on Facebook and Twitter for updates as well.

We are wishing Phillip and his new family all the happiness possible. Tweet This

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