Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fundraising & News

Were you out at Winslow Animal Hospital getting your photo taken with the Easter Bunny? Joa's Arc was! Nennee and Gabe were out socializing and thanking the wonderful animal hospital (and pet photographer) for doing a fundraiser for our rescue ... and it was a success! Winslow Animal Hospital raised $600 for us!

Just in time too because Joa's Arc has been a bit tight on money recently with all of Gabe's doctor visits (note the hot pink cast in the photo, which wasn't extra thank goodness, just ridiculously cute). We've had some unexpected medical costs from sick kittens (yes, we've got kittens!) too and we've suffered the loss of losing a few pets too, like our loveable Minnen :( However, Phil was also adopted and we've gotten some great updates from his new family who looks like they love him terribly.

Come out this weekend for the wonderful Washington Township Earth Day at Washington Lake Park. We'll be there with some information, a few items for sale, a donation jar and treats for any animal friends that pass us by.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

PS- Lots of belated posts coming soon. We've been busy spending time with our special little animals :) Tweet This

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