Friday, January 27, 2012

More Than What It Seems

Lots of comments have been made about how the cats looked healthy, how they looked cared for, that they were lovable, etc.

There were a handful or so of friendly, mostly healthy cats. That's true. Actually, there are often pets like this in just about any hoarder's house. Hoarders don't usually start with dozens and dozens of pets - there is often a small, "original group" which at one point got their own individual, they were loved, socialized and cared for... at one point.

Like in most hoarding situations though, underneath the healthy looking pets were ones who were anything but well or even properly cared for. In this house, aside from the friendly, healthy cats, there were:

    - cats with eye injuries
    - cats withpainful genetic eye deformities
    - several cats with chronic URIs (imagine a raw, runny nose or crusty eyes all the time)
    - females constantly lactating because kittens that weren't even theirs were nursing on them
    - 2 rooms of "families" of cats closed in there all the time interbreeding with each other with barely a fan to circulated the hot summer air
    - cats with injuries going untreated
    - bugs by or in the food
    - unfixed tomcats marking (peeing on) everything
    - a kitten born paraplegic just wriggling in all the filth

Could the cats have been sicker? Yes.

Could they have been starving? Yup.

But this house absolutely was not simply a herd of cats that we felt was 'too many'.

This house also completely drained our rescue. Although many people kindly donated to help out, things like the flea covered, sick kittens we removed at the end of October and Alexa's requiring her eye to be removed, cleaned up out. We have no money for the special needs animals still in our care. Please consider donating so we can keep up the work we do:

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