Friday, January 27, 2012

Words From Joyce

Today, Joyce M of Joa’s Arc wrote:

Dear Friends,

Tonight our episode airs on Animal Planet and I know you are aware of it.

What I want from you is to learn from this episode:

    - the animals from hoarding situations do NOT need to be euthanized. They can be saved regardless of how many. Rescues and shelters need to come together to accomplish this. Our episode proves it can be done.
    - Hoarding is a psych issue. I believe it is a component of OCD. With help, it can be controlled. Don't point the finger at her, she needed help and it is available to her, let's hope she gets it.
    - Although the animals are the victims, there are other victims in these situation ... the family members. This will touch your heart and make you realize that hoarding is harmful to the family and everyone involved.
    - Help is available out there if you know someone in this situation. Speak up, don't walk away.
    - Spay/neutering is not an option, it is a must!!

We have learned a lot by doing this rescue and it will be very emotional for all of us as it was all the weeks working on it. Personally, I have grown and learned a lot from this, I hope you do to.

Don't miss us tonight at 10pm on Animal Planet's Confessions: Animal Hoarding

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