Friday, January 27, 2012

Post Show - Cats Still In Need

Did you catch us on TV last night?!

Joa’s Arc was part of the show Confession: Animal Hoarding which aired on Animal Planet last night at 10pm. In the next few days, you'll be able to find out more information on the house, the cats, more of the hard work and team work involved in this big effort on our blog when back dated posts are added to our blog here.

For now though, we wanted to highlight some of the cats still in need. Below is a list of some who are still available for adoption even months after they were removed from the hoarder's house.

All of these cats have adorable faces and all of them are certainly in need. However, before considering the adoption of one of these cats, know that a lot of them come with a bit of "baggage". These cats were almost all born, raised and lived in a home where they were just another cat lost in the mass of so many.

The chronic stress of crowded conditions leads to psychological issues in animals. They sometimes need a bit of extra effort to litterbox train them once in a home, especially after coming from an environment where a clean litterbox was probably hard to find, going to the bathroom on the floor was the norm and carpet doesn't allow a cat to "cover up" their mess. Hoarded animals may also show extreme shyness or aggression when physical contact is attempted. These cats are used to living around other animals though, so these cats will probably be good in a home with another cat or two (or dog, there was a big dog in the house too!)

Still interested in one of these TV stars? Here are a few still looking for a home of their own:

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